FundoDataCota PatrimonialPLQuantidade de CotasDividendoData-BaseDividend Yield*Link
FII Mogno Fundo de Fundos MGFF1130/09/202178,49710,4 MM9050620R$ 0,5008/11/2021 Acessar link
FII - Mogno Hotéis MGHT1130/09/202198,19129,01 MM1313784R$ 0,8011/11/2021 Acessar link
FII Mogno CRI High Grade MGCR1130/09/202194,91134,98 MM1422304R$ 0,8014/10/2021 Acessar link
Nenhum resultado encontrado
FundoDataCota Liquida% Dia% Mes% Ano% 12mDesde o inicioPL AtualInicio do FundoLink
Mogno Amazonia FIC FIA
09/12/20210,8890876-1,83%5,66%-11,16%-7,73%-11,09%6,61 MM22/01/2020Acessar link
Mogno Pantanal
09/12/20211,22453230,03%0,57%6,54%6,91%22,45%28,76 MM10/12/2018Acessar link
Mogno Real Estate
09/12/20211,7612207-0,03%0,96%-6,44%-2,27%76,12%18,7 MM09/03/2016Acessar link
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