Canal Ético da Mogno Capital

This reporting channel offers the opportunity to report information regarding violations of any nature, as well as substantiated suspicions of violations. Both employees and third parties can use this means of communication.

The analysis of the content of the complaints is carried out exclusively by Mogno Capital and the anonymity is guaranteed to the complainant. The information provided will be treated in strict confidentiality and will only be shared for the proper identification and analysis of the case. While guaranteeing anonymity, Mogno Capital encourages its employees and any other whistleblower to identify themselves during the process, as it believes in independence and in the guarantee of non-retaliation.

The information provided may motivate the initiation of internal investigations, carried out by a specialized team, as well as investigations by public authorities and the taking of appropriate legal measures. The conscious dissemination of false information can have consequences.

For emergencies or imminent danger to life, use the 190 phone.
By using this channel you are agreeing with the above information.