With an eye on recent transformations in the investment market, Mogno created the Mogno Digital segment. Composed of a team of highly qualified bankers and in partnership with the main investment platforms in the market, Mogno Digital offers the best experience to its clients, giving access to exclusive products and professional services through a transparent and conflict-free model.

Far beyond investment advice, Mogno Digital offers real investment management, with the independence and transparency that you are looking for. All this with the agility of a digital platform.


Access to the best managers in the market and exclusive assets, through the curatorship/search of our team of experts.


Dedicated team of managers and bankers, with years of experience in asset selection and high-end customer service.


A transparent model, free from conflicts of interest, Mogno is remunerated only by the client. Any and all commissions revert to the investment portfolios.


We are a radar inside the market, we combine our Advisory Process and our expertise to build a dynamic and efficient Asset Management. We create unique and accurate portfolios, tailored to the profile and needs of each client, observing the best asset classes and investment opportunities in Brazil and abroad. The Mogno team has qualified managers with complementary experiences to monitor investment portfolios in a disciplined and diligent manner.