Are you making the best decisions to preserve and grow your capital?

The best investment decisions are made at the right time. They balance the most immediate needs with long-term expectations. They fit solid planning with opportunities that can’t wait. They constantly reassess whether the designed allocation strategy needs to be adapted. And they fearlessly deconstruct what was already planned, when the context changes.


Our clients have access to the best ideas from our team, structured in exclusive products that meet all risk profiles.


We allocate customer resources exclusively according to what is best for them. We have the independence and experience to make the best choices, without bias.


From account opening to succession planning, we closely monitor the objectives of each client, always with a holistic view of each family’s moment.


We are a radar inside the market, we combine our Advisory Process and our expertise to build a dynamic and efficient Asset Management. We create unique and accurate portfolios, tailored to the profile and needs of each client, observing the best asset classes and investment opportunities in Brazil and abroad. Our team has qualified managers with complementary experiences to monitor investment portfolios in a disciplined and diligent manner.
The best opportunities can be in different places, and many clients distribute their assets in different brokers, managers, countries and others. At Mogno, we have an extensive team and the best software on the market to consolidate several assets in just one report. This comprehensive view is important to ensure that resources are properly allocated as per their objectives and to provide clients with transparency about their global assets.
We also use this consolidation to assess the need for different service providers, seeking the most efficient combination possible when negotiating with banks, brokers and other agents..

We know how each client’s life context is fluid and changing: family structures and countries of residence change, while the laws in the most diverse jurisdictions also change. It is essential to closely monitor this dynamic, ensuring the best equity structure for each moment, in Brazil and abroad.

In a complementary way, risk management is a very important pillar of what we do, and that is why we help our clients in contracting various insurances adapted to the needs of each family, property or business.

From a deep understanding of the situation of each of our clients, we help them to build a complete financial planning in a four-way process, together with the best service providers in the market.


Mogno Capital’s team has internal and external specialists who carefully build the profile of each client, to better advise on the most diverse financial, legal and investment issues.